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Located at the Hamilton Area YMCA on Sawmill Road, The Miracle League Field is a baseball complex that is designed specifically for children and adults with disabilities.

The field, a cushioned synthetic turf to prevent injuries, provides easy mobility around the bases without obstruction and allows players to enjoy games in a safe and unencumbered fashion. The base paths, bases, batters' box, pitcher's mound, and home plate are painted on the surface. This design eliminates barriers for players who are visually impaired, use a wheelchair or walker, or use any other type of mobile device.

The dugouts, concession stand, picnic pavilion, and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. All surfaces are completely flat to eliminate any barriers to wheelchairs, crutches, braces and those who are visually impaired. The field also includes an electronic scoreboard and lights for evening games.

The parking area is circular in design for easy drop-off and pick-up for players with multiple handicaps and van parking spaces are available.