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Game Day Volunteers

The Miracle League of Mercer County also needs volunteers to help out on the field as umpires, pitchers, catchers, pitchers, and announcers.

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Provide support and encouragement to athletes as they round the bases and assist with safety and equipment. Umpires should be at least 16 years old.

6-4-2022 Miracle League 0797


Provide support and encouragement to athletes by pitching for the teams that are playing. Pitchers should be at least 16 years old.

6-4-2022 Miracle League 0732


Provide support and encouragement to athletes by catching for the teams that are playing. Catchers should be at least 12 years old. *All catchers that are under the age of 18 must wear a catchers helmet with faceguard.

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Spring 2023 Group Volunteers Sign-Up

Are you a local youth organization, high school team, or corporate group looking to give back?  We schedule group outings to volunteer as Angels in the Outfield all year around.  Book your date with the Miracle League of Mercer County today!  Use the link below to sign-up.  We ask that groups/teams be 10-12 people, and must commit to two game time slots.  

6-4-2022 Miracle League 0649


Provides encouragement to the athletes by announcing their names as they are up to bat and when they are crossing home plate. Announcers should be at least 12 years old and show enthusiasm!

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Spring 2023 Individual Buddies (Angels in the Outfield) Sign-Up

  1. Click the first button to complete the required volunteer waiver (parents must complete for volunteers under 18 years old).
  2. Click the second button to pick your volunteer dates.


With our league continuing to grow each year – now serving almost 200 participants each year, through a variety of programs – we rely on the dedication from an amazing group of people that are responsible for not only our day-to-day operations, but also our major events, Trenton Thunder visits, and fundraisers.  Our Senior Volunteer Team:

About the Commish:

Dan Sczweck accepted the role of Executive Director of the Miracle League of Mercer County in July of 2014.   A local baseball player himself, Dan was a member of the 2000 Steinert High School Group IV State Champions, as well as the historic 2000 Hamilton Post 31 team that advanced to the American Legion World Series.  After nearly ten years of experience in developing programs in child care and youth & adult sports, Dan was given the opportunity to serve as a Baseball Venue Commissioner for the 2014 Special Olympics National Games.  Less than one month later, he became “The Commish.”

Since 2021, the Miracle League Executive Director role has become Dan’s full-time passion. Thanks to the support of his steadfast and dedicated volunteer staff, Miracle League has more than doubled in participation since 2016, expanding operations of the league to provide opportunities to our players all year round.

Andy Santoro 

Andy “The Voice” provides the energy to the Miracle League, with his passionate play-by-play commentary and nicknames for every single player.  He also works directly with the rest of the committee to make sure each player is assigned a buddy prior to the start of each game.  Andy has also contributed significantly to the Hamilton Area YMCA Special Kids Organized Recreation Program, Special Olympics New Jersey, and was involved with the 2014 Special Olympics National Games.  He is an avid New York Mets fan.

Lindsey Perry

Lindsey is known as “The Heart” of the Miracle League.  She develops relationships with each player and family, and uses her knowledge of the players to help assign our buddies.  Lindsey provides development and guidance to new volunteers, and also doubles as a team manager when needed.  When not with the Miracle League, Lindsey works for Mercer County Special Services School District and is a Program Coordinator for the Hamilton Area YMCA BASE program.  Lindsey is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Jenn McVicker

For the last five years, Jenn has dedicated her free time to assuring each player’s experience is a fun and memorable one.  Most importantly, Jenn is “the organizer” of the committee.  She makes sure everyone – including Dan – stays on task with their responsibilities.  Jenn started at the Hamilton Area YMCA BASE program as a site assistant, working her way up to the position of Site Director.  She received her degree in Special Education from East Carolina University in May 2020.

Amanda Bendorf 

Amanda works with the rest of the committee to coordinate volunteer assignments for each game.  She also is responsible for new volunteer and player recruitment.  Like Lindsey, Amanda also doubles as a team manager.  Amanda has long supported the Special Kids Organized Recreation program and Special Olympics New Jersey.  She completed her BA from Rowan University, and is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Education from Rider University.

Tim Larkin

Tim is known as “the ace” of the league.  He is the primary pitcher for all of our league participants, having taken the time to learn where to pitch each player.  Tim also doubles as a buddy and a team coach when needed.

Gia Graham 

On top of working with the rest of the committee on player engagement, day-to-day operations, and special events, Gia is also our social media specialist.  She takes the fun video and pictures that we share digitally, as we continue to grow our online audience.  Gia worked for the Hamilton Area YMCA BASE program as a Site Director until January 2020, and received her degree in Education from Rider University in May 2020.

Taylor Roberts

Taylor does a little bit of everything; as a buddy, a pitcher, a coach, and a special event coordinator.  Taylor also helps assure that our field and facility remains in good working condition, whether that be through repairs or new development projects.  In June 2019, Taylor oversaw the plan for a newly designed and 100% donated storage shed.

Jasmine Harris

Jasmine joined our Miracle League family in 2019. She currently works for the Hamilton Area YMCA BASE program, and is in the process of completing her certification to become a yoga instructor. “Coach Jazz” likes giraffes, ice cream, waffles, and movies. She enjoys helping others and having a great time with friends and family! 

Lauren McCarthy

Lauren is the newest (and youngest) member to join the Committee. Her primary role as a Junior Committee member is to serve as a liaison to the local high schools and teen groups for volunteerism and fundraising opportunities.  In 2020, she completed her Girl Scout Gold Award project, creating the new Welcome sign at the Miracle Field.